Febeast And Man

Ella Bodrick, half beast and a half human who lives with her best friend, Kate.
Since the age of twenty-three, she has lived her life under the radar trying to avoid her enemy, who is the most well-known science company in Trillo County.
As a child she had a pretty secure and warm, loving home, until the day of her parent’s anniversary came, disappearing without a trace and never to be heard from again.
Feeling lost and more than a little distant to everyone around her, Ella lived her day to day life on autopilot until she graduated from high school.
Shortly later, she moves away for college leaving the place she once called home behind her.
At age nineteen she was captured by a science company and used for barbaric experiments.
Meeting others like her there, Ella quickly befriends them and forms up a plan for escape.
Now after four years of keeping a low profile, the same company is hunting for her again and doesn’t plan on stopping until they have her.

Derek Wither, a scientist for the best company in the County and the man who wants a woman that is considered his enemy.
Set to live as a scientist in the name of his father, Derek sets a goal to find out the truth about his father’s mysterious car accident.
His assignment is to research anything he can on Ella Bodrick, a woman he’s finding more alluring and captivating than he should.
His rules are clear, find Ella than capture and contain her. Simple, right?
The only problem is that Derek can’t seem to stick to that rule no matter how hard he tries.
The woman he needs to capture and contain is the woman he wants to be with.

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Read an Excerpt:


I can’t believe Kate set me up with a bastard like Kevin Brucher. He is so annoying and she knew that I didn’t want to date anyone. Why in the hell did she set me up on a blind date?
Glaring at him, I held the growl in as I felt my claws extending inch by inch. Kate was going to get an earful for putting me through this.
“And then I met Kate and she told me about you. She said that you are looking for a relationship. I’m hoping you are, I know how blind dates can be.”
Holding the anger in my voice in check, I spoke with a false softness. No sense in being rude to the poor guy. It’s Kate’s fault we’re both in this mess in the first place.
“No. I’m not actually. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I never agreed to have a blind date. At least you received a good dinner out of it.” Wow, that sounded cold even to me. I’m usually careful with talking down a guy I was planning on leaving, but right now it’s not important to me. I’m becoming antsy. I’m willing to leave him here to foot the bill. Kevin’s eyes flashed at my words.
I hope to God, he wouldn’t say anything to make things worse. I can’t take that right now. I didn’t want to have to beat the shit out of him. No matter how annoying the man is I don’t think he deserves a punch in the face over it. Well, he does, but I don’t need a lawsuit on my ass for breaking a few bones here and there.
“Right. Then I guess this date was a waste of time. I was ready to leave anyhow. I’ll find much better entertainment elsewhere.” Great, the ass had to say something assy. Breathe Ella. Just breathe. I’m at my breaking point with this guy. The only thing we agree on is this whole blind date was a miserable waste of time.
Reaching the end of my rope I stood, grabbing my purse ready to dash for the door. I wanted out of this hell on earth date.
“This was definitely a waste of time. An ass like you isn’t worth me sticking around for this date.” I said, glaring at him as he stared at me with haughty arrogance.
“I thought I was rather hospitable.”
I rolled my eyes and turned making my way quickly to the door.
He yelled after me standing from his chair. “Hey! What about the bill?”
“You pay for it asshole!” I yelled back from over my shoulder, never slowing down my stride.
I kept moving, wanting out of this nightmare. Outside I signaled for a taxi hopping in as one arrived next to me. I told the driver the location of the bar as I searched through my purse for my cell. I dialed Kate’s number.
She picked up with excitement in her voice. Annoyance ran through me.
“What the hell, Kate? What were you thinking setting me up on a blind date?.”
She sighed through the phone. “I take it the date was bad?”
“What the hell!? I can’t believe you just asked me that.” I said my tone rising one octave.
I can tell that Kate was sad by the idea of me, not dating. I know she wanted what was best for me, but Kate had no idea what that was. Not completely. And being with someone will only put them in danger. I didn’t need a relationship to make me whole.
I’m not that sentimental. The only thing I needed was sex and that was just to sate the monster lurking under my skin.
“I’m sorry. I know you mean well, Kate but you know my secret. You know that I can’t bring a person into my life. Not now. Not ever. It will be too dangerous.”
Kate snorted. “Oh please. You can fuck various men, but not date one? Your twenty-six. At your age, you should want to settle down.”
I huffed out in irritation. This was getting us nowhere. “So what? I do what I want Kate as long as I’m safe doing it. You shouldn’t question it.”
“The hell I shouldn’t. Not if your heart is at risk.” Oh please, that just sounded stupid and she knew it. There was no way my heart was going to get hurt just by sleeping with someone. I never knew much about a man to risk getting hurt.
All I do is screw them, get as much relief as possible, then I leave. Nothing more to that.
“Just stop it, Kate. We’ll talk more about this when I get home. Right now, I need to calm down. I need to be rational about this.” Silence met me for a few moments before a breath blew through the phone.
“Fine. Just make sure to get here before it gets too late.”
I snorted at that and looked out of the window watching the passing scenery.
“You know I don’t stay long after.”
She knew what I was talking about, but she didn’t quote me on it. Instead, she agreed and hung up. I knew I only made her angry, but I didn’t care.
I’m still pissed off about the blind date. It was idiotic though I knew it was out of care. But it wasn’t right.
As I arrived at club Blue Eight I looked around for my next bed partner. Hoping he’ll help to ease this anger boiling under my skin. I had a feeling I was going to find another unfulfilled, yet somewhat satisfying night.

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